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Intelligent Digital 1

Prix régulier 36,00€

* Diamètre du cadran: 1.54 pouces

* Dimension de contour: 43.5 * 40 * 9.8mm

* Longueur du bracelet de montre: 22 cm

* Fitness et santé: programme d'exercices antécédents.

* Fonction d'appel: - Supporter WhatsApp.

* Outils: calculatrice, réveil, calendrier.

* Photo: (regarder la caméra, regarder la caméra de téléphone mobile de contrôle)

* Divertissement: (lecteur local mp3 / mp4, lecteur de musique Bluetooth)

* 3 types d'horloge d'affichage, commutation gratuite.

L'électricité peut être utilisée pendant environ 3 jours.

* Utilisez Android 4.4 ou supérieur, iOS 8 ou supérieur, un téléphone mobile compatible avec Bluetooth 4. 0.


Customer Reviews

Based on 559 reviews

That watch was a complete disappointment. After I had to switch out the battery because the one that came with it was messed up, I found out it can’t let you know you have a message, it doesn’t work for new iPhones. Also you can’t call anyone, you have to wait until they call you and it doesn’t keep it in the call log so you can’t call them back. It’s a glorified watch is all it is. And to think I bought one of these last Christmas for a friend only to find out now he is experiencing the same issues. Never buying from this store again. And the watch face had scratches on it.


Finally figured out how to make it work with my phone. Thought I ordered black but it looks good and I'm getting used to it.


Put on charging, turned on while everything works. Later i will write as otherwise. In general, everything is good, the watch looks good.


I was in dispute. And i didn't get a guarantee of the product the battery was in bad condition offered me another one which was not sent the watch over heated and the non-continuous dispute Very poor quality battery


Seller did not send the product, asked for additional time, waiting for 2 months not arrived Seller did not send the product, asked for additional time, did not arrive waiting for more than 2 months